Hard work pays off!

We started off with just a chicken coop!

Then with lots of hard work, sweat, tears and blood we ended with a mini barn! No it is not the barn of my dreams! But with my two hand I can say I built that all by my self. I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

The reason I turned the chicken coop into a mini barn was because we added two new members to our farm! 

Clover is enjoying not being caged up anymore!

And with sad news… Our Rooster has crossed to the other side of the road. Which actually was a long time coming!RIP big guy!!

Until next time…

Stay busy, work hard!

Busy life!

Summer Break 2017 has officially started! Boy have we been busy! We have got one week under our belt already! Unbelievable!!

I have accomplished so much already in the first week!

 Garage CLEANED​! ✔️✔️

Breezeway CLEANED! ☑️

Puppies Born!!! ✅✅✅

First Camping experience of the summer! ✔️

Visited the neighbors pigs!

Hanging laundry on the line to dry!

Enjoyed some unwelcomed visitors along the way!!

But all and all…the sun is shining! Lots is getting accomplished. Life is busy!! 

Until next time,

Step back into the country,

And Enjoy!!!

Learning through life!

Since December it seems life has been throwing me curve balls everytime I turn around. 

Here I thought I would try to live the simple life, then I got over whelmed with life in general. It seems I have been seeing doctor offices more in the past 6 months, than I have in my whole life. Life is funny like that. 

You never plan for the unexpected, and that is exactly what has happened in my life. The last 6 months has been very nerve racking but eye opening as well. I have learned so much about life’s limitations and how to accept them even when you don’t want to.

No my house is not spotless like my mind tells me it should be. But I have come to accept we live in it. It’s not always going to look brand new. I have a husband, child and two dogs living in it with me, things are always going to need cleaned.

I have also learned that the winter time months can get you so depressed. During the short daylight hours to the long darkness of night, your body sometimes has a hard time accepting the change. Sometimes it may feel like the walls of your house are caving in on you. I promise they really can’t do that! It’s just your mind making you think so! 😉

But I have learned that winter time is a great time to rest, start planning for spring and summer, and slowly clean your house one small corner at a time. This will make the slow days fly by.

Now that we are into Spring and before to much longer summer, I feel reenergized. 

The sun is so beautiful in the early morning hours, while the birds are chirping their happy tunes. The green grass smells so refreshing right after it has been mowed.

Life is starting to settle back down to a rythme that I have come to accept. In just a few short weeks Little Man will be out of school for the summer. I have thought of lots of fun activities to do during the break. Now if life will allow us the limiations needed that would be splended.

Just the other day, I went to our local feed store and picked up a few new additions. 

The feeling I get when I just sit and watch these 11 babies explore brings a whole new light to my day. Sometime I forget to enjoy the small things! 

Until next time,

Don’t let life decide your happiness,

Always look for the small things to bring a smile to your face!

Operation Crunch Time!

Yesterday me and the husband celebrated 5 years married 💏! Five years!! We have been together a lot longer than that though. To celebrate we went and bought a truck 🚚! My husband has been wanting a four door 🚪 truck for quite some time now. Well he found a deal that we couldn’t pass up.

So today, I have spent all day crunching numbers! Bills, bills, bills! In order to have this nice, beautiful truck 🚚 we have to make some sacrifices. Not only did we add a truck 🚚 payment to the load we also added more insurance money 💰. So the unnecessary items had to go! Got rid of the $140 TV bill for one. I have never understood why they charge so much money for TV. 

I have learned to hate budgeting but in the end it will save us. So to the crunching of numbers and budgeting this country girl is ready to pull her hair out!

Learn to budget! ( Cause they don’t teach you how to in school 🏫) Life 101!

Until next time,

Country life ain’t always simple!

Country Girl  🤦🐓🐰🐔🌄

What a mess of a week!

With everything that has been going on this week I haven’t had time to post.

  • Last Wednesday we had a small tornado close to home. It was only an EF1. We had no school that day. And we had tree limbs galore! 
  • That same day my Rooster attacked me.
  • My husband’s knee is swelled and hurting.
  • Little Man has a rash all over his body. Rushed him to the doctor thinking it was an allergic reaction to something. Nope! Come to find out it is a viral infection running its course through his body. Funny part of this story: he went to the school nurse on Monday and she told him he had sun burn! Now I would like to know what planet she got her RN because where I live it has rained for a week!
  • Been trying new bread recipes!
  • Ruby the rabbit has decided to eat the baseboards. The hubby ain’t to happy about that.
  • Got my grow light system set up to start my vegetables inside before planting outside. (I will post pictures later!) 

In the country anything is possible!

Until next time,

Don’t make plans in the country, they always change!

Country Girl 🐔🐰🐓🌄

New Addition!

4H started last week. We were sad to find out that Little Man has to be a Cloverbud again this year. But good news is, he will be a real 4H’er next year. How exciting! 

Knowing my Little Man… I started thinking ahead! You can never plan to much! He wants to take rabbits next year. Well this momma is on it!! I’m on the research Bing! To say the least! I have come to the conclusion that we need to buy show rabbits this year and get him started learning this summer! That way next year he won’t be scared and just thrown into something he knows nothing about.

Show rabbits also know as meat rabbits are a little different than a pet rabbit. So the planning begins. 

  • We need to build a rabbit hutch out side to house a doe (which is a girl rabbit) and one for a buck (which is a boy rabbit)
  • Then we need to build another hutch for the offspring!
  • We need to find pedegree rabbits to start our rabbits out with!

We have so much to do to prepare for the show rabbits… But in the mean time, I bought Little Man a pet rabbit to keep indoors. This way he is learning the basics and he can play with this one!

To top it off a pet rabbit is cheaper than show rabbits. We still have a few months to go before we will be getting the show rabbits, so this momma is putting her little boy to the test and he don’t even know it. I figured with a pet rabbit I could find out a number of things!

  • Is he scared of it?
  • Can he handle it properly?
  • Can he clean up after it properly?
  • And lastly, can he feed and water it properly?

If he can prove to me that he can do all these things on a daily basis with his pet rabbit…Then we will move forward with the purchase of show rabbits!

So we would like every one to meet: Ruby!

Until next time,

Plan for your kids future!

Country Girl 🐰🐓🐔

Find Happiness in the small things!

The weather around here is far from what it should be. We are almost at the end of February and the temperatures are almost 70*. We really didn’t have much snow this year. 

This morning as I was driving, I was thinking about the small simple things that are all around us that we miss daily. Simple things that could bring us happiness and joy, if we would just take a look around.

2016-05-02 06.46.51.jpg

It is hard to see but there is a farm tractor in the fog!

2016-05-02 06.47.17.jpg

The top of an old country church! I find it kind of peaceful.

old jar.jpg

An old jar that my little boy and I found behind our house!

These are just some things that I came across today! Imagine all the things that we pass on a daily basis and don’t pay attention because we are to busy or distracted!

Look for the small simple things in life. Take a moment and just slow down! You never know what you will miss when your not looking for it!

Until next time,

Find happiness in the small things!

Country Girl 🐣🌄