Have you ever just had a really terrible morning? And then from then on out everything seems to fall apart?
That was my morning this morning!

It all started yesterday. I was fixing me a cup of coffee in my one cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker when the electric decided it was going to surge (which means goes out comes back on then goes out in a flash.) Yeap well… I do believe it ruined my coffee maker!!!

I wasn’t to worried about it yesterday. I figured I would let it set and it would fix it self. NOPE!!!

I woke up this morning went and started it up…No coffee! I was starting to panic. Then I remembered my 10 cup coffee pot sitting in the spare room. I ran and grabbed it. Washed it up. And started a pot. By this time it was almost time for me to walk out the door. By the time the thing was done, I got three drinks and then had to leave the rest on the counter. I was now late! Grrr… Nothing was going my way this morning! 

And this is why I would love to live the simple life. It might be hard work, and I might not get a cup of coffee within a minute but at least an old coffee pot on the wood stove always produced coffee no matter how long it took! 

This story is a prime example of where our lives have turned. We rely on electricity for everything. When something goes wrong… We seem to be lost!

Do you ever have anything like that happen to you? If so how do you get all your stars lined back up so you don’t feel off all day long?


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  1. First, let me say thanks for following my blog and congratulations on yours. And yes, I’ve had those days. The worst ones are when the pump goes kaphlooey and we’re out of water for a week or more while we try to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. But here’s the good news: we may get frustrated (let me rephrase–we do get frustrated) and we may not like it, but we know we can handle it ’cause we’ve done it before. As a friend once said when I told her we were getting back to the simple life, “I know about that life of yours and it’s anything but simple.” True enough. But it feels real. And becoming more self-reliant gives us lots of confidence when the next crisis rolls around. I’ll be honest–It’s taken us years. It’s hard to get to simplicity from the “typical” American lifestyle. But you’re a step ahead because you know where you want to go (and books are a BIG help–they’ve been our mainstay). I’ll be sharing more of how we’ve gotten where we are in the weeks to come, so I hope you’ll keep dropping in. Hang in there–you’ll make it..

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    • Thank you so much! I know wanting to live the simple life is nothing but simple. But it is the small things we have to focus on first. There always seems to be trouble somewhere along the way. I am trying to remind my self it is all a learning experience. The “typical” American lifestyle has scared me when I take a step back and look at it. But I’m going to move forward. I am going to keep doing my research and reading my books so maybe on day I will feel more comfortable knowing that when a crisis happens it will all be OK. I will keep checking in with you. I am excited to read your blog. Thank you so much for commenting!

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