Operation Crunch Time!

Yesterday me and the husband celebrated 5 years married 💏! Five years!! We have been together a lot longer than that though. To celebrate we went and bought a truck 🚚! My husband has been wanting a four door 🚪 truck for quite some time now. Well he found a deal that we couldn’t pass up.

So today, I have spent all day crunching numbers! Bills, bills, bills! In order to have this nice, beautiful truck 🚚 we have to make some sacrifices. Not only did we add a truck 🚚 payment to the load we also added more insurance money 💰. So the unnecessary items had to go! Got rid of the $140 TV bill for one. I have never understood why they charge so much money for TV. 

I have learned to hate budgeting but in the end it will save us. So to the crunching of numbers and budgeting this country girl is ready to pull her hair out!

Learn to budget! ( Cause they don’t teach you how to in school 🏫) Life 101!

Until next time,

Country life ain’t always simple!

Country Girl  🤦🐓🐰🐔🌄


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