Learning through life!

Since December it seems life has been throwing me curve balls everytime I turn around. 

Here I thought I would try to live the simple life, then I got over whelmed with life in general. It seems I have been seeing doctor offices more in the past 6 months, than I have in my whole life. Life is funny like that. 

You never plan for the unexpected, and that is exactly what has happened in my life. The last 6 months has been very nerve racking but eye opening as well. I have learned so much about life’s limitations and how to accept them even when you don’t want to.

No my house is not spotless like my mind tells me it should be. But I have come to accept we live in it. It’s not always going to look brand new. I have a husband, child and two dogs living in it with me, things are always going to need cleaned.

I have also learned that the winter time months can get you so depressed. During the short daylight hours to the long darkness of night, your body sometimes has a hard time accepting the change. Sometimes it may feel like the walls of your house are caving in on you. I promise they really can’t do that! It’s just your mind making you think so! 😉

But I have learned that winter time is a great time to rest, start planning for spring and summer, and slowly clean your house one small corner at a time. This will make the slow days fly by.

Now that we are into Spring and before to much longer summer, I feel reenergized. 

The sun is so beautiful in the early morning hours, while the birds are chirping their happy tunes. The green grass smells so refreshing right after it has been mowed.

Life is starting to settle back down to a rythme that I have come to accept. In just a few short weeks Little Man will be out of school for the summer. I have thought of lots of fun activities to do during the break. Now if life will allow us the limiations needed that would be splended.

Just the other day, I went to our local feed store and picked up a few new additions. 

The feeling I get when I just sit and watch these 11 babies explore brings a whole new light to my day. Sometime I forget to enjoy the small things! 

Until next time,

Don’t let life decide your happiness,

Always look for the small things to bring a smile to your face!


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