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Hard work pays off!

We started off with just a chicken coop!

Then with lots of hard work, sweat, tears and blood we ended with a mini barn! No it is not the barn of my dreams! But with my two hand I can say I built that all by my self. I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

The reason I turned the chicken coop into a mini barn was because we added two new members to our farm! 

Clover is enjoying not being caged up anymore!

And with sad news… Our Rooster has crossed to the other side of the road. Which actually was a long time coming!RIP big guy!!

Until next time…

Stay busy, work hard!


Chicken Crazy!

Due to a nasty ol’fox I went from having 18 chickens and 3 guineas down to 6 chickens and 1 guinea! Here are the 7 that I have left. My little boy helped with the names!

⬆ This is Black Beauty! She is one of the babies my little boy and I hatched out in June 2016. Her personality is amazing. I truly love this bird! 

⬆ This is not a very good picture, because she wouldn’t sit still for me. This is Snow White! I rescued her from being the last one in the box at a local feed store. She is a little flighty!

⬆This is Pumpkin. One of my originals!

⬆ This is Cinnimon. She is one of my originals.

⬆ This is Clover. My little boys 4-H chicken that he received for his first year in 4-H as a Cloverbud!

⬆This is Spirit! He is our main man. My little boy and I hatched him out,  June 2016! 

⬆ This is the Guinea. We have never come up with a name.

The poor husband got the blame for the first 3 birds that I found dead. I was for positive his coon dogs had been involved. He kept telling me “No! They won’t touch your birds.” I didn’t believe him.

Early one Saturday morning I was at the kitchen window washing up the breakfast dishes when I heard something hit the side of the house in front of me. Silly me took off running out the back door in my lavender fluffy bath robe to find out what was going on. Just the sound made me think that the birds were trying to get on top of the house. I walked down to where I heard the noise and I didn’t see anything. So I turned around to go back inside.

Low and be hold… When I was getting ready to go through the door here comes my chickens running scared! They ran right past me. 3 seconds later around the corner came a big red fox! Boy did he look healthy!!!

Not thinking of what I was doing I chased the ol’fox clear acrossed my yard in my lavender bath robe, screaming my head off at it. By the time I got it to the woods I turned back around to go back to the house. Looking at the back door… There was my husband doubled over laughing his head off at me! 

I didn’t find it to funny at the time. A week later my husband didn’t find it funny anymore either when he was building me a predator proof chicken coop in the hottest part of summer!

The learning curve could have come sooner, or I wouldn’t have any birds left. Not only did we predator proof the coop we put the coon dogs all around it so if something like the ol’ fox would happen to come around they will bark and scare it off. 

It’s been well over 6 months and I haven’t had a problem since! I just feel guilty for having to pen my birds up. I loved letting them free range. But I am here to tell you… If you let your birds free range you are taking the chance of a predator having a free meal!!

Until next time,

Love your chickens!

Country Girl 🐔🐓🐣

**2017 Goals**

Every year I make a big list of things I would like to get done. Thur out the year things always get added. But this list makes everything and anything seem possible.

  • Purchase a wood burner.
  • Build a wood shed.
  • Cut lots and lots of fire wood.
  • Build a raised vegetable garden.
  • Plant vegetables.
  • Build a potatoe bin to grow potatoes.
  • Plant windowsill herbs.
  • Build a compost.
  • Make some homemade bread.
  • Make homemade laundry soap.
  • Build a clothes line.
  • Research CSA/ Farm Shares.
  • Visit the Farmers market.
  • Buy meat at a local butcher.
  • Raise meet rabbits.
  • Raise meet chickens.
  • Learn to butcher the meet chickens by boiling.
  • Learn to can multiply vegetables.
  • Learn to dehydrate.
  • Use local honey instead of store bought sugar.
  • Collect rain water to be able to water the garden.
  • Visit U pick farms!
  • Use oil lamps.
  • Try 2-3 days a week on a black out.
  • Plant a small postage stamp orchard.
  • Plant a berry patch.
  • Declutter!!!
  • Build a raised dog kennel.
  • Build a goat pen.
  • But a couple goats.
  • Research miniature donkeys!
  • Clean chicken coop.
  • New bedding for chicken coop.
  • White wash inside of chicken coop.

So far my “2017 Goals!” are getting longer by the day. Spring, summer and fall are going to be super busy.

What are somethings on you “2017 Goals!” list? Leave a comment below!!

Until next time,

Start planning!

 Country Girl 🐔🐓🐣

Chicken Coop for the soul!

Through out the years I have had chickens! A few years ago I sold all my chickens when we bought the new house. I didn’t have the proper housing for them, so I decided I needed to focus on my family first. So I sadly sold all of them to my neighbor. (I state sadly because not long after I sold them all off a coyote decided he needed a midnight snack and ate them all!)

Now that we are well settled, last summer I decided it was time to start enjoying them again. 

And the story begins!!!

A fellow co-worker of mine had lost her precious pig due to heart failure. She just couldn’t look at his hog pen any longer! She called me up one night and asked me if I would like to come tear it down and I would get to keep all the material. I jumped at the opportunity.

During the hottest time of summer, I got a group of 5 of us together. (3 adults and 2 kids) We started at 8 am when it was still a little cool outside and worked through the whole day. Not only was it hot and miserable, but the fellow who had put the hog pen together decided it needed a million nails and screws to hold it together! What a mess!! But all was glorious when we were finally finished!

The pile of lumber sat in my back yard for almost a month without being put back together. My father who is the carpenter in the family had an accident, and was not able to start building on it. But in the mean time… I researched chicken coops till my brain was fried.

Once he was healed up enough, one Saturday morning we got to work. We were down to 4 workers now, but nothing was going to stop us. We took the pig pen down in a day, and we raised a chicken coop in a day. It was all very hard work, but in the end it was satisfying.

I think it turned out beautiful! Rough cut lumber is so down to earth, it gives it a homestead/country feel!

This picture was taken before I placed the ramp on the out side of the coop for the chickens to go through the small door in the wall.

This picture is of the run that we made out of the live stock fencing! I then zip tied a mesh fencing over the top so nothing could get in or out!

These are the awesome nest boxes that we made! The girls are very happy with them!

This was before I got the bedding down and the ramp put in place! But you can see the single roost made out of a 2×4.

I now house 5 beautiful Hens, 1 handsome Rooster, and 1 Guinea! They are all very happy in their new home. Each day I think of something new that I would like to add to the Coop but so far I haven’t done anymore to it!