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New Addition!

4H started last week. We were sad to find out that Little Man has to be a Cloverbud again this year. But good news is, he will be a real 4H’er next year. How exciting! 

Knowing my Little Man… I started thinking ahead! You can never plan to much! He wants to take rabbits next year. Well this momma is on it!! I’m on the research Bing! To say the least! I have come to the conclusion that we need to buy show rabbits this year and get him started learning this summer! That way next year he won’t be scared and just thrown into something he knows nothing about.

Show rabbits also know as meat rabbits are a little different than a pet rabbit. So the planning begins. 

  • We need to build a rabbit hutch out side to house a doe (which is a girl rabbit) and one for a buck (which is a boy rabbit)
  • Then we need to build another hutch for the offspring!
  • We need to find pedegree rabbits to start our rabbits out with!

We have so much to do to prepare for the show rabbits… But in the mean time, I bought Little Man a pet rabbit to keep indoors. This way he is learning the basics and he can play with this one!

To top it off a pet rabbit is cheaper than show rabbits. We still have a few months to go before we will be getting the show rabbits, so this momma is putting her little boy to the test and he don’t even know it. I figured with a pet rabbit I could find out a number of things!

  • Is he scared of it?
  • Can he handle it properly?
  • Can he clean up after it properly?
  • And lastly, can he feed and water it properly?

If he can prove to me that he can do all these things on a daily basis with his pet rabbit…Then we will move forward with the purchase of show rabbits!

So we would like every one to meet: Ruby!

Until next time,

Plan for your kids future!

Country Girl 🐰🐓🐔


Planning My Summer Garden!

I love this time of year! The holiday’s are behind us. The weather is somewhat nice! Spring is right around the corner! And going to the mail box is full of excitement knowing that there is seed catalogs waiting for you inside. That’s when the planning begins.

This year the husband and I are going to do things a little different than last year’s garden. Lasts year’s garden didn’t do very good, due to our soil situation. (I will tell that story another time!) So with some conversation, I got the husband talked into a raised garden this year!

So the planning begins! For the first year I am just going to grow the 8 basics that we love!

  1. Pepper’s of all kinds. (Green, Yellow, Red, Banana, and Jalapeno)
  2. Two different tomatoes. (Big Boy or Pink, and Cherry)
  3. Cucumbers
  4. Potatoes
  5. Sweet Potatoes
  6. Zucchini
  7. Strawberries
  8. Peas or Green beans

The cucumbers, zucchini, peas, and green beans are going to need some sort of trellises.

I have been doing my research and so far I have fallen in love with the raised bed that is in the shape of a C! I think it would work well for the area I am wanting to place it.

Next step is to start gathering supplies to build it. I’m going to need something for the outside walls and some rabbit fencing to place in the bottom of the raised beds. I have some left over livestock fencing that I will be able to use for the trellises. Some pebbles to lay on top of the rabbit fencing would be ideal, but I think I will use cardboard, newspaper, and straw instead.

Then on to the plants! Where am I going to buy them from?!? I think I am going to try and stay local this year! I’m going to help out a local greenhouse instead of the big companies.

Next on the list:

  1. Blackberries/Raspberries
  2. Fruit Trees

Until next time, start planning! Spring is right around the corner!